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A&S's Place

Alterations + Additions, Waratah NSW

Builder | PB Quality Constructions

Carpenter | Brad Williams

Engineer | Skelton Consulting Engineers

Kitchen | Groves Joinery

Photographer | Alex McIntyre

Stylist | By Client featuring Monsoon Living

Site & Context

Waratah, NSW. An existing 1960's home with views to the city of Newcastle and treetops beyond.

A mature native & edible garden with a sunny northerly aspect. 

Client & Brief

A home for a creative couple, their two dogs and extended family to enjoy a greater connection to their yard.

Design Response

A&S's Place, affectionately known as 'Avocado House' involves the addition of a new verandah and double height garden terrace to the rear of an existing home, acting as a 'scaffold' to support our clients love of the outdoors & their garden. A new kitchen & dining area forms the heart of the home. A bathroom renovation and external upgrades including new windows and paint give the old house a new lease on life. A new large bifold door and window connect the interior to the new addition, blurring the line between inside & out. Sandstone blocks ground the terrace to to landscape. Repetitious hardwood battening is used for the balustrading, screening and as micro-shading along the roof edge, aimed to provide a visual sense of comfort and immersion whilst also providing privacy to the neighbouring property. 

The interior is representative of our clients eclectic taste and personal memories, with the colours and materials acting as a playful nod to the homes era. Pendant lights meticulously crafted by 'A' add a personal touch of homeliness and belonging to the space.

Rainwater from the new roof is channelled via a rain chain, creating a soothing visual and auditory moment before transitioning into the garden. A new rainwater tank recovers water from the existing roof for use in the garden. 

A&S's Place_Exploded Axonometric.jpg
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