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J&M's Place

Alterations + Additions, Fennell Bay NSW

Site & Context

Located in the lakeside suburb of Fennell Bay, NSW with views looking south towards Kooroora Bay. The existing house, whilst in much need of renovations, has strong features to draw upon and enhance.

Client & Brief

A home for a couple and their three young boys. The design brief thinks of our clients current and future needs for their growing family. With a desire for a greater connection to the garden and to optimise the existing courtyard layout, the design also needs to accommodate a parents retreat to future proof the home for when the children are older, providing a balance of shared and private spaces. The home needs to facilitate a paired back, humble and non-pretentious way of life, with robust materials and finishes. 

Design Response

The design response sees the existing front porch and back pergola structures, which are both in a state of disrepair, to be demolished and replaced. The new front porch creates an entry courtyard, with the front gate acting as the 'front door', mediating between the homes entry and our clients private space. Minor internal reconfigurations include an open plan kitchen, living and dining space, with bifold doors opening to the north and south to maximise the connection to the exterior and cross ventilation. An 'outdoor room' is created over the courtyard, allowing northern sunlight to filter through the roof canopy. The master suite extends the existing language of the house, furthering framing the courtyard and connecting to the pool area. 

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