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Morisset Park Interiors

Interior Design, Morisset Park NSW

Architect | David Stafford

Builder | Stafford Constructions

Client & Brief

This interior design project is for a delightful new home for a family of four, situated on a picturesque waterfront site in Morisset Park, Lake Macquarie. 

Designed by David Stafford, the materiality of the architecture is raw, robust and industrial in its use of concrete, blockwork and plywood and the interior design scheme further draws on this. 

Design Response

Form-ply joinery features throughout the home, for both its durability and utilitarian aesthetic, with hints of birch ply to add warmth and spotted gum, a nod to the native Australian context. Stainless steel benchtops are used for their durability, with fully welded in sinks to assist with cleaning.

Terazzo tiles are used throughout the wet areas, its black aggregate linking to the depth of the formply whilst adding a playful and decorative feature to the home. The lighting layout is considered, emphasizing indirect and task lighting throughout the home to minimize the overuse of downlights. 

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