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Redhead Dual Occ

New Build + Alterations & Additions, Redhead NSW

Engineer | Izzat Consulting Engineers

Landscape | Octopus Gardens


Site & Context

Redhead, NSW.

Client & Brief

A dual occupancy which is to function as a multi-generational home, for a family & their elderly mother. Our clients brief was to renovate the existing modest red brick home at the front of the site, and design a new 4 bedroom dwelling to the rear, creating a central courtyard between the two. With 180 degree ocean views to the south, and tight neighbouring constraints, the design needed to feel open and connected to the views / landscape, while also maintaining privacy to / from the neighbours. 

Design Response

The project retains the humble, single level brick home and proposes a double storey addition to the rear, with roof forms pitched to reference the existing home and residential character if the area. Parking is subtly accommodated to the main road frontage behind a battened carport door, and to the rear lane by a single car garage. The new and old forms are anchored together by a central courtyard and all rooms have a garden view, either via the courtyard or the green walls along the side setbacks. The materiality of the new build is robust and suited to the coastal location, celebrating standing seam zinc and oiled hardwood. The design is representative of a layered approach to development, respecting both past and future. 

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